Film Competition

We are calling on local filmmakers to submit a five-minute documentary which thematically explores hope, courage, and empowerment. Though many economic, racial, and gender inequities continue to persist in an ever-interconnected world, we can find inspiration in the collective action of individuals and communities who use their creativity and industry to overcome these challenges. 


This film competition thus intends to foster empathy, deepen our appreciation for the ways that people of diverse backgrounds live their daily lives, and reveal our collective humanity through documented stories. These stories should highlight hope, courage, and the ways in which people are empowered through overcoming life’s intractable obstacles.


In many ways these stories will demonstrate the type of sacrifice, struggle, and love necessary to find peace, justice, and beauty in a world seemingly beset by inequity.


Check out a few submissions with last year's cultural awareness theme:


What do I win?

Your award-winning documentary will be showcased in the Missouri Theater before the screening of one of our feature-length films. Moreover, you will also win a dinner with one of our visiting feature-film directors and/or producers. Lastly, you will take home some Peace Corps merchandise, such as a 2016 calendar and Third Goal Film Festival T-shirt.


How will my video be judged?

We are looking for each video to be engaging, thoughtful, authentic, and expand viewer understanding of the ways in which people are empowered through hope and courage. It should be no longer than 5 minutes. The film should transcend audience interest and clearly address at least one of the themes listed above. We also strongly consider cinematography, production quality, story-telling, editing, and overall originality.


Does this video have to be about an international experience?

No. We do not expect that everyone has had an international experience, or filmed in another country. Your film could be about examples of hope and empowerment right here in Columbia, MO.


What if I don’t have access to the necessary video equipment or lack technological knowhow? 

Lucky for you, our partners over at Columbia Access Television are more than happy to provide you with basic hands-on training and lend you all relevant video equipment. If interested, go to


How do I submit? 

Preferred format: Video through a private YouTube link via email. In this case, set the viewing for private and provide us with the relevant passcode for viewing.


What should I include in the submission?
Name, School/Organization/Affiliation, contact phone number, email address, and a short biography to be used for introduction purposes at the festival.


When are submissions due?

Your video must be submitted by April 1, 2016.


Please direct submissions and any inquiries to Dave Knieter at

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